Are Irish Speed Cameras Working ?

There were 5,000 speeding-related arrests in Ireland over the five-day period from Wednesday, March 16th, to Sunday, March 20th  2011 . This compares to just 849 arrests for the same period last year.  This year – the the St Patrick’s Day holiday period  saw the first full deployment of the GoSafe privatised speed cameras across Ireland.

The GoSafe speed cameras, which offer an extra 6,000 hours of traffic monitoring per month, are in use across the State at over  600 different locations, including 60 in the Dublin area. Each location is not continually monitored – the vans move around every day.

The strange thing is though – that despite these cameras -six people died in road crashes over the St Patrick’s holiday period. This is double the number who died on Irish roads during the same period last year. Also –  the number of collisions leading to serious injury was up by 20 per cent on last year.

Fifty-six people have died on Irish roads so far this year –  this is 17 more than for the same period in 2010.

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One thought on “Are Irish Speed Cameras Working ?

  1. give us fixed cameras at the known danger sites.
    this will slow traffic down and save lives guaranteed.but like everything about the last government they got it wrong!

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