Carrick-on-Suir was the fourth worst town in our chart of the worst place to live in Ireland .
Based on census 2006 information we have compiled a top 20 list of the best and worst places to live in  Ireland. Of course people will disagree with these positions – but they are based on facts and figures like unemployment, housing, lone parents and education.At the 2006 census  – the population of Carrick-on-Suir was 5906 .The unemployment rate was 9.59% –  this compares badly with a National Average of 5.92% and was the 6th highest rate of unemployment in Ireland
In Carrick-on-Suir – 6.66% of the workforce were unable to work because of disability or ill health – which is  over the national average of 4.71% .
Of those people in work – the largest proportion are employed in manufacturing (20% of the workforce) .
Lone parent households in Carrick-on-Suir- make up 26.86% of all households. This is the 5th highest in Ireland and about 25% above the National average of 19.29%

Local Authority rented homes make up 15.57% of the dwelling units in Carrick-on-Suir – the ninth highest percentage in Ireland.
Rented homes make up 34.45% of all homes in Carrick-on-Suir – slightly above the average for Ireland of 28.1%.
28% of occupied houses in Carrick-on-Suir are owned outright – with no mortgage outstanding – the same as the average for Ireland as a whole.

Heating: 10.93% of all dwellings in Carrick-on-Suir have no central heating – which is aroud the same as the rest of the country (10.22%).
I.T. : 40.98% of households own personal computers in Carrick-on-Suir – compared to 53.3% nationally. Only 13.6% had broadband at the last census – much lower than the Irish average at the time of 20.18% . Also – 67.4% of homes had no internet access at all in Carrick-on-Suir – compared to the average of 51%

Education : 22.43% of the people living in Carrick-on-Suir – only went as far as primary school or had no formal education at all. This is very close to 40% above the national average of 16.72%.
People with a third level degree or a higher qualification – make up just 6.76% of the Carrick-on-Suir workforce – which is less than half the national average of 16.57%

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42 thoughts on “Carrick on Suir – another bad Tipperary Town?

  1. i agree i live in carrick and wel its jus like everything that was said but i find very stupid is that people have the time to do something like this but dont havr the time to change it if…instead of giving off about it change it

  2. Carrick is a nice town, unfortunately the town need to say YES to Heatons and other large companies to generate jobs opportunities and revenue in the town. Its misfortunate that the better shopping areas are in Waterford, Clonmel and Kilkenny, I would love to keep my money in town when I visit but the lack of variety is a problem. The Main Street needs to revamped to attract business from the town people and tourist.

  3. I visited Carrick on August 9th thru august 19,2008, I thought the town and the people were lovely I felt at home there, I did go to Clare (Innis and Doolin where my people were from and enjoyed every minute of it.) threre are so many places in the world where people would happily exchange places. I want to come back “home” as i call Ireland. I stayed at Woodland Heights with my friends parents.

    enjoy and be thankful for your lovely country. with best to all.
    Nancy Chapman USA

  4. carrick is without doubt the roughest town in ireland and has the worst drug problem ive ever seen anywhere

  5. Given that the main areas that Carrick is falling behind in are unemployment, and related areas (local authority housing and disability benefit) it should be well up the list on the next report as there is no large local employer to close down. It is largely a commuter town.

  6. has David, Feb 20th, ever been anywhere else in ireland so he can justify his comments.. for example, Waterford, Limerick, Tramore and Clonmel!

  7. Don’t live there but know it well and work there at times. The people I have dealings with are the nicest you can meet. Why has the emphasis always to be on shopping? Aren’t there other things much more important in life? People, landscape, pace of life etc.Spend your money locally, or there will be no locality left if Tesco and the likes have it their way.

  8. Ok I am from the states and had the pleasure to live in Ireland for over 7yrs. The majority of that time was spent in Carrick. Although, I do have to agree that Carrick is in large a party town and does have a drink and drug problem. This is largely because as said above people won’t allow new businesses to come in that could provide its people exspecially its children and teenagers have something to do other than to sercome to drinking which has been the expected thing to do over the years.

    That said as mentioned above I lived in and traveled all around Ireland in my 7yrs living there and what people never mention in these stupid articles is that the people in Carrick are by far the sweetest, nicest and kindest people you will ever meet. They make everyone who visits their town feel at home and apart of everything. People in Carrick go out of their way to make outsiders (visitors) feel welcome and would often take their shirt off their backs to help a person out. Some of the greatest friends I have ever met in my lifetime I met in Carrick on Suir. Although, I no longer live there I am very proud to call Carrick my home. Most other towns that I visited over the years I lived there I was treated as an outsider, a blow in , Oh that American and else wise. Some towns such as Clane in CO. Kildare sorry but it needs to be said I was treated with such rudeness being told ” Sorry we don’t serve your kind here” ” This is a local bar and we don’t welcome outsiders” For their sake I hope they have enough money with all the insiders to keep the town going. In my oppion that is the worst place to ever visit in Ireland. All in all Carrick isn’t perfect no place is but its one place you definitly want to visit if ever in Ireland

  9. I think this is an unfair article. I lived in Carrick for half of my life. It is a great town for socializing!! People are quite nice and friendly. It is typical small town, and not just small town Ireland, I mean small town in any country. I know people there that feel safe and content living there. There should be more jobs, and less “Lone Parent” households, but the blame for that lies with the irish GOV. The more benefits you give lone parents, the more you will encourage the lone parents. Carrick does not deserve this slamming. A population of 6, 0000 could not support all the shops that Waterford has to offer. Unemployment is a problem but it’s a problem everywhere. It is a commuter town, but many small towns in Ireland have become commuter towns. I have known dozens of tourists who have visited Carrick and they thought it was a lovely little town. Remember the Ormond Castle, a town so rich in history should have pride. As for the ones saying Carrick is a dump, then move. Let me tell you, Carrick is a town where you could rely on your neighbors to babysit your child in an emergency and not have to worry. Decent, good people live there. For the haters, get up off your ass and move if you don’t like it. !!

  10. hi i moved to carrick 7 seven years ago i work in supervalu it is the most wonderful town in ireland i won’t ever move out of carrick i want to rare my daughter in this town. i will never move this town has the most wonderful people who go out of there way to make you feel at home and for all those people who think we are a load of scumbags you have never gotten to know the people who live here we are great people and we deserve a hell of a lot more than you may think if you don’t like us move now make way for those who deserve us

  11. I have been looking up info about Carrick because my grandparents came from there and I was thinking of visiting there next year. ???? from CANADA.

  12. Hi,
    I think that is a terrible thing to say about Carrick. I was born and raised in that town. I left when I was 18 yrs but I love coming back. As for education if the Government would get off their high horses and do something about it you wouldn’t have this problem. When I was growing up there we had plenty to do like Tennis, Drama, and of course the Operatic Society. My father was a School Principal and very educated. so don’t say the people of ck are not educated.
    Dolly Canada

  13. Would anyone down there in Ck On Suir know a townland named Corlandy? Doing my family tree and her about the “beauties of Corlandy” near Carrick. I’d be thrilled if anyone can help.

  14. i have lived in many towns in ireland the states uk and asia and without a doubt carrick on suir is the roughest town i have ever been in the amount of drugs took there is unreal heroin ecstasy cocaine you name they have it
    its a town of 6000 people and it has its own courthouse i think thats all you need to know about the place

  15. I have lived in carrick-on-suir and i know the people very well and a nice lot you couldn’t wish for – every small town has it’s problems and i am sure the younger generation would not be so involved with drugs if there were more jobs and a brighter future to look forward to. Lots of them are passing exams with flying colours and not being able to get a job to justify them – as for those ignorant people who say carrick is a dump they need to stay where they come from – what kind of education have they had to rubbish any part of ireland? Every community has it’s problems and it is hard to make a living with a worldwide recession so cut the carrick people some slack – what harm have they ever done? Maybe some people jealous as carrick has such a wonderful (and award winning) musical society, a famous cyclist, the clancy brothers (rip), wonderful smiling warm natured people and i am proud to be a descendent of the town!!!!!!!

  16. Carrick-on-Suir is your typical in-bred inland town. But what makes it worse is the fact that it’s in the county of Tipperary. The majority (not all, I hasten to add) of the natives are your typical tracksuit-wearing, Sun-reading (and I don’t use this word lightly) scumbag.
    There are some nice areas (Castle Park – with the Tudor Castle and the Tennis club) but most areas are of the no-go variety.
    It’s not all bad of course, as The Clancy Brothers hail from here.

  17. I have visisted Carrick on suir several times and found it to be charming. My Mother and grandmother went to school right on Main St.The Davins have been here for generations and still live here. The people are most gracious, and each time I have enjoyed my stay. The Castle, the museum, the Carraig hotel everyone was welcoming. Problems exist all over the world, Carrick on suir is no different. What I see is a town steeped in history and very proud indeed. Look arround people at the beautiful countryside the chuches. Just wonderful!

  18. carrick for the size of the town is definitely the worst in ireland
    just be thankful it only has 6000 people livin in it imagine if there was 60000 it would be like the wild west

  19. I live in Philadelphia in the USA, and my husband and I went to Ireland last year to do some genealogical research. My grandfather was born there, as were all his family and ancestors. We stayed at the Carrick Hotel, and the staff were very nice. We were visiting during the week of the Clancy Brothers Festival, and we had the time of our lives. We were surprised at all the artistic talent in one small town. The Irish have a dry sense of humor, but the people from Carrick know how to tell a joke or story. Our dream is to return again to Carrick, but to also visit more of the surrounding area.

  20. I visited Carrick a few years ago and found it very charming. You complainers should stay away. You’re not needed. Alot of potential for the town. It will take a few people with vision to turn it into a goldmine.

  21. This town needs a serious face lift. I’m a yank living here with my wife who is from here. It really isn’t that nice of a town except for a few things. The streets are filled with trash and dog Sh!t. I can’t believe people walk their dogs and let them poop where ever and don’t even clean it. I’d like to punch that person’s dog, then the person.

    They need some sort of money pushed into this town some way or another. There are a lot of beat down buildings that can be turned into something.

    Before people so, “we don’t like your negative comments, go home” I will say ” I’d love to, but I have kids and a wife”. She wants to stay here and if I want my son in my life, I have to stay here.

  22. Hi. I wrote a post about Carrick on a really really bad day for me. I don’t want to leave like I said, but I do get home sick from time to time. Are there better places in Ireland to live, absolutely, but I am fine here or I wouldn’t have agreed to come and we could have stayed in the US.

    I do get annoyed at all the dog shite on the ground on the sidewalks in town though. lol. It’s a nice place, but could use a lot of improvement.

  23. i have lived in carrick all my life it was a thits aboyt time they woke up to the fact that riving town once ,whats wrong now is that the elected council will not allow any big stores to come in ,there scared of the so called big boys loosing out to them .its about time they woke up to the fact that the people of carrick want to work ,and not to leave the town or country to get work i had to go out of town to get employment ,i dont like people putting carrick down ,time for improvement ,thank u

  24. i ws born and raised in Ck I left in the 80’s due to unemployment Carrick had nothong to offet me in career prospects i hv cm nk many times throughout the years and aftet a few dsys there am itching to cm bk to London allmy fsmily hv since passed away now voming bk to Ck has bitte sweet memorys fr mr and had made me realise i did the rite thing all those years ago lesvimg

  25. Carrick is not all that bad, i lived here for many years. Sure it has lots of problems but to say its full of scumbags is way off. Its a very small miniority of people in the town that can manage to give it a bad name.

    As one person said above its a town of 6000 and it has its own court house, if cases were to be looked at they would notice its the same names almost every single time.

    The town needs a lot of investment for sure but the majority of the people are the nicest anyone could ever meet.

  26. Have to agree with Rachel, I left in the 60’s for the same reasons, coming back also have bitter sweet memories, the people are the nicest on earth, but I am glad I

  27. I moved to Carrick from Waterford and have lived here for 7 years and we have been raising our 3 young children here. I think it is a lovely place to live and the small town atmosphere is great here. The Schools are great. You really can feel a part of the community if you get involved in things. There are lots of activites and groups for the children and the joy of it is they all know someone in anything that they are involved in because its a small town, and I know the parents which makes it very friendly and comfortable. Adults too can get involved in many organistions and activites like the musical society and running club and other sports. The local shops are great for such a small town and most things you need can be purchased here if you give it a chance. People are very friendly. Does lack a good restaurant but the Carraig hotel and O’Cheallachains and 2 chinese restaurants are grand places to eat. Lovely places to walk along the river and in nearby villages. Also its only 20 mins from Clonmel and half an hour from Waterford, Kilkenny and Dungarvan and plenty of beaches, mountains, forest walks, if you want to shop, eat, work or do other social activites in any of these places.
    As for rough people and drug problems its no worse than any other town of city anywhere. In all my time here I have not felt threatened or come upon violence even late on a weekend night. I know it might be there but you avoid these things if you want to like anywhere!
    Good pubs here too with music, and Strand theatre and Brewery Lane theatre has some great productions and shows.

    I would also say that some of the statisics above will improve greatly in the upcoming census. Like anytown it obviously need improvement, but plenty of nice residential areas. Unemployment is bad but if anyone really wants to work plenty of opportunity within 30 mins.
    The town playground is very badly maintained and teenagers have been allowed to wreck it but there are lots of great playgrounds within 20 mins drive.

    Dont knock small town life till you try it!

  28. I live and have lived and worked in carrick all my life. It is a beautiful town centre to all natural attractions.Ideal base for tourist touring the south east. Yes we have good schools,resturants
    ,shops,hotel and guesthouses.The town have the best parks and river walks and historical sites anywhere.Yes if you want to look for negitives you will find it.But if you are of a positive frame of mind then you will see more and more good and beautiful things to do and see here in carrick,Ilove it here and love the people here.
    Did you know the Ormond castle was built as a honeymoon Palace for Queen Elizabet the first, so highly regarded and loved by the Duke of Ormond that he felt Carrick was the only place to bring his hope would be bride,

  29. i am 11 years old and i live in carrick.
    i have read what other people think bout carrik and it was horrible it was all lies.
    but whoever thinks that carrik has scumbags is awfully wrong.
    no its not perfect but nowhere is
    but people are making money off selling drugs because they cant get a job.

  30. Joseph sounds like a very wise young man. I am reading each comment as I plan to visit Carrick next year from Canada…the spirit of the people seem to come through stonger than the negative aspects…looking forward to my visit…
    where is the best place to stay…

  31. I have lived in this town for a long time after moving from ENGLAND the best country ever. IN fairness i love all the free food thats in the town.

  32. How can ye be so negative about carrick, community spirit is one of the main things here, Save or die in maggies bar, everyone and anyone was there, the swan supporters and carrick united supporters who would do anything for the team. Carrick is some spot, great nightlife and always a good atmosphere. Not as advertised as a tourist destination as it should and alot of the aspects of the town are ignored, the mountains, lakes and rivers. i do agree the childers playground is in bits but sure, it was always going to happen

  33. Carrick-On-Suir, itself, is grand.
    It’s a nice town, in a nice spot between Waterford City and Clonmel.
    There is definitely a drug problem but unemployment has brought the town down, something fierce. Beyond the usual stuff that makes any place on the face of the Earth look bad, Carrick is populated by nice, decent people. Few gobshites as well but you find those types everywhere.
    If it wasn’t for the rain, I’d have very little to complain about lol.

  34. how dare every local ”Backstab” this town , i have lived here all my life and i must say it had been great!
    everywhere in Ireland has a drug problem aswell
    Clonmel and Waterford are much worse than carrick , the towns spirit and pride is second to none.
    also carrick has a famous sporting history and many talented people are from the town.
    The main problem in carrick is unemplyoment. stores and companys dont go for small towns especially when the town is in close proximty to clonmel and waterford city.
    i think its a nice place with a small few problems with not enough money/resourdes coming into the town

  35. I am appalled to read all these negative views of Carrick. Drugs are the scourge of modern society and are found everywhere these days at all levels of society. I have not visited Carrick for almost three years but I have known and loved this town all my life as my family hailed from there.

    I am proud to call myself a “carrick-woman” and I hope that all those who are quick to complain about the town would be equally as quick to try to work towards changing things,if indeed there are so many problems.

    The economic climate has no doubt brought the town down, unemployment and the poverty associated with it breed social problems of their own. There is no easy solution, but I hope that people will remember what a great place Carrick is and concentrate on the positive instead of the negative aspects.

    There is no doubt that Carrick people are the best in the world… and as the previous commentator wrote, the town is second to none when it comes to warmth, hospitality and talent. The town is home to one of the greatest poets in modern day Ireland, Michael Coady. It is the birthplace of numerous great and historical personages, not to mention the musical talents of the Clancy and Butler families.

    Good luck to Carrick, I hope things improve.

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