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Best Place to Live in Ireland – Malahide

Is Malahide the best location to live in Ireland? According to our analysis of 2006 census data – Malahide came out top of all the towns with a population of 1500 or more. Malahide beat over 180 other towns into 1st place in the chart. Based on statistics  for thing slike  unemployment, sickness, lone

Longford – Second Worst Place to Live in Ireland

We have carried out detailed analysis of census statistics from all the towns in Ireland with more than 1500 people. Based on that information we have compiled a top twenty of the best and worst towns in Ireland. Longford Town came out second worst (just behind Rathnew). At the last census in 2006 – the

Muslims in Ireland

The 2006 census figures show that  Muslims in Ireland make up  0.767% of the population. (32539 out of a total population of 4239848) A breakdown of religions was carried out on the Irish towns with more than 5000 people. Of all these towns – Cavan Town  has the highest percentage of Muslims in Ireland –

Town with Most Catholics is Ballina

Census 2006 figures released last week – show that Ballina in  Mayo  has 92.9% of it’s population that stated their religion was Roman Catholic. Of all the towns with more than 5000 population – Ballina was the town with the  highest percentage of Catholics. The total percentage of Catholics in Ireland as a whole is

Westport Workers get a Longer Lie in

According to census 2006 figures on the time that people leave the house to go to work – Westport has the highest percentage of workers who don’t leave the house until after 9.30 am. (Out of all towns with more than 5000 population) 298 workers in Westport out of 2013 (1.48%) said in the census

Drogheda – some census facts and figures

Some possibly interesting facts and figures about Drogheda from analysis of the IrelandCensus of 2006: Population of Drogheda is 35090 which is  0.828% of the country. Percentage in Work: 58.15 Unemployed %: 7.67 8.1% of the population are students and 5.01% are Unable to Work because of health  10.11% of people in Drogheda are retired. Local Authority