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Mayo Estates Exempt from Household Charge

Exempt from Household Charge in County Mayo People living on the list of estates below will not have to pay the household charge of €100 in 2012. Official list . Jan 2012 Barley Hill Court Castlebar Road Bohola Beechpark Convent Road Claremorris Belleek Manor Belleek Road Ballina Black Oak Rise Barrick Hill Newport Bracklaboy Village

Paying Household Charge at Council Offices

According to the Household Charge website – people who don’t want to register or pay online should be able to get registration forms and make payments at their local County Council or City Council offices. See more here about the new Household Charge which is payable by all home owners from Jan 2012. We did

Unfinished Ghost Estates and the Household Charge

We are still waiting for the list of unfinished estates that will be exempt from the 2012 Household Charge. The total number of estates is expected to be less than 1300. The Irish Independent seems to think it will be less than 300 estates. It is important to note – that even if your house

Speed Camera Locations in County Mayo

Potential Locations of Mobile Speed Cameras in County Mayo from November 2010 There will be 45 speed camera vans spread across approx 600 different locations all over Ireland. These are the roads around County Mayo where you could spot one of those cameras over the next  few years. Slow down and try to get used

Top Secondary Schools in Connacht 2008

According to the Sunday Times league table of the top secondary schools in Ireland 2008 – these are the top 20 schools in Connacht. The positions are based on entry to third level institutions only – so may not be a very accurate assessment of a school. (Pupils may have taken Grinds elsewhere). In the

Best Secondary Schools in Ireland.

Each year the Irish Times puts together some figures of each secondary school’s Leaving Cert students and combines them with figures from Third Level institutions in Ireland . . The Universities and Colleges record which school the first year students were enrolled at in the previous year. The two sets of figures combined give us