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Top 10 Schools In Connacht

This is a list of the 10 schools in Connacht with the highest numbers of pupils accepted on university places in 2012.  You could call it a list of the top 10 best schools in Connacht – but high numbers getting into university may not mean the school is a good one – but it’s

Sunday Times Top 20 Irish Schools 2013

Each year the Sunday Times produces a table of the top secondary schools in Ireland . They haven’t got much information to help them determine the best schools since Leaving Cert results aren’t published .  So they rank the schools on the percentage of pupils going to University.  This may not be a good indicator

Top 20 Secondary Schools in Ireland

According to the Sunday Times – these are the top 20 secondary schools in Ireland. They base their results on the numbers of students gaining places in autumn 2008 and 2009 at one of the nine universities on the island of Ireland, main teacher training colleges, Royal College of Surgeons, National College of Art and

Top 20 Schools South Dublin 2008

Based on 2008 figures for entry into third level in Ireland – these are the 20 best secondary schools in South Dublin. This League Table was compiled by the Sunday Times newspaper in 2009 and is based on the percentage of Leving Cert students going on to third level in Ireland. It probably isn’t the

Top Secondary Schools in Connacht 2008

According to the Sunday Times league table of the top secondary schools in Ireland 2008 – these are the top 20 schools in Connacht. The positions are based on entry to third level institutions only – so may not be a very accurate assessment of a school. (Pupils may have taken Grinds elsewhere). In the

Bottom of the School League Tables

The 2007 figures on Irish leaving cert pupils and entry figures for Irish third level institutions show that the average percentage of students going into 3rd level education in Ireland is 75%. (This does not include those going to UK or abroad) There are some schoools where less than 60% of pupils went into Irish