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Litter problems in some Irish Towns

The IBAL 2009 results were published this week – IBAL is the Irish Business Against Litter. Certain towns are checked for litter during the year by An Taisce on behalf of IBAL . All towns in Ireland of over 6,000 inhabitants are now covered by the Anti Litter League . Sixty towns in all were

Top Secondary Schools in Connacht 2008

According to the Sunday Times league table of the top secondary schools in Ireland 2008 – these are the top 20 schools in Connacht. The positions are based on entry to third level institutions only – so may not be a very accurate assessment of a school. (Pupils may have taken Grinds elsewhere). In the

Best Secondary Schools in Ireland.

Each year the Irish Times puts together some figures of each secondary school’s Leaving Cert students and combines them with figures from Third Level institutions in Ireland . . The Universities and Colleges record which school the first year students were enrolled at in the previous year. The two sets of figures combined give us

Dirty Old Towns…

Most of the date used on this site is from the Census – but a recent interesting  litter survey was published on all towns in Ireland with more than 6000 population. The littering survey ranked the 50 towns in order of cleanest first, The full table is shown below (From the Irish Business Against Litter). Sligo came

Bray is losing it’s Religion

Bray has 7.77% of it’s population who stated they had no religion in the 2006 census. This is the highest out of all Irish towns (with pop. over 5000) In Ireland as a whole  4.39% of the population stated they had no religious faith. Top Ten Towns in Ireland (pop over 5000) for people with

Quiet Mornings in Letterkenny

The streets of Letterkenny must be quiet in the mornings. Letterkenny has the lowest percentage of workers who leave home before 6.30am to go to work. Just 2.24% of working people in Letterkenny said that they leave the house that early . Census 2006  figures  from towns with more than 5000 people – show that  154 people