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Saorvew – Freeview – RTE Digital TV in Ireland

Saorview is RTÉ’s free to air digital terrestial television (DTT) service. EU rules mean that the current analogue ( arial based TV ) signals have to be turned off in October 2012. Saorview is a mixed language word – with Saor meaning Free . Pronounced Sair or Seer . (They couldn’t use the name Freeview

Unfinished Ghost Estates and the Household Charge

We are still waiting for the list of unfinished estates that will be exempt from the 2012 Household Charge. The total number of estates is expected to be less than 1300. The Irish Independent seems to think it will be less than 300 estates. It is important to note – that even if your house

County Meath Speed Cameras

Mobile Speed Camera Locations in County Meath These are the likely roads where the new mobile cameras will operate from November  16th 2010. There will be a total of 45 mobile cameras in vans – covering about 600 locations all over  Ireland. So – the chances of a camera being at a specific location is

Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Ireland

These are the most popular places for visitors in Ireland. Based on visitor numbers for 2008. These are all destinations that charge a fee. The number of visitors is shown next to each attraction. Figures from Failte Ireland Guinness Storehouse            1,038,910 Dublin Zoo                                     932,000 Cliffs of Moher                              808,310 National Aquatic Centre         

Towns with Cryptosporidium danger in drinking water .

Galway residents had to suffer months of having to buy bottled water because of Cryptosporidium in their water supply for a large part of 2007. Several people became ill because of the poor water quality and tourism was badly affected. The bad news is that it could get worse for many other Irish towns.The following

Chinese prefer Bray

There were 16250 people of Chinese ethnic origin living in Ireland at the 2006 census. This is 0.4% of the population. Bray has the highest proportion of Chinese  with 1.42% . Athlone is the next highest with 0.99% and the Greater Dublin area has 0.98% of residents with Chinese ethnic origin. Kells (Ceannanus Mor) is