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Stamullen – lowest percentage of rental property

Stamullen only has 6.3% of it’s housing occupied as rented accommodation – the rest is owner occupied. The 2006 census figures showed there were 873 housing units in Stamullen and only 55 of those were rented. Eight of those were rented from the Local Authority. This is the second lowest percentage of Council rented housing

Rathcoole short of children?

Rathcoole has the least children in Ireland With just 13.66 percent of the population of Rathcoole aged 14 or less – the townt has the lowest percentage of under 15s out of all the large towns in Ireland (towns over 1500 population). The ten towns with the lowest percentage of children under 15 are: Rathcoole

Biggest Broadband Uptake in Ireland

Malahide has the highest broadband uptake rate in Ireland. The percentage of households in Malahide with broadband internet access is the highest of all large towns in Ireland – at 46.34%. Malahide also has the second highest rate of PC ownership – at 78.05% of households owning at least one personal computer. (Portmarnock is top

Central Heating Figures

Some of the housing in Irish towns is fairly old and basic. The census in 2006 asked people to indicate if their home had central heating – the results show that the town with the largest percentage of houses without central heating is Bantry in County Cork . In Bantry 27.7% of homes do not

Selling in Malahide

Sales Workers in Malahide  Irish Census 2006 figures show that Malahide has the largest percentage of it’s workforce in the country employed in Sales. In Malahide 19.2% of workers are employed in  sales – this just beats nearby Portmanock with  19.1%.  Unemployment in Malahide is only 2.6% – well below the national average of 5.31%. Of

Most Singles in Galway

Singles in Galway Of all the towns in Ireland with a population over 1500 – Galway has the highest proportion of single people.  In Galway City  72% of the people over 15 are single (includes separated and widowed).  Kinsealy – Drinan is not far behind at 71.6%  and Swinford in County Mayo is third in