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Healthy Towns

Good Health The people of Stamullen appear to be the healthiest in Ireland – according to analysis of 2006 Census figures. The percentage of people in Stamullen who stated that had some degree of physical or mental disability or impairment – was just 4.6%. This was the lowest out of all towns with populations over

Top Ten Towns for Home Ownership

Owner Occupiers In Ireland just over 28% of all housing is rented – either from Private landlords or local Authorities. Seventy two percent of homes ore owned. This is similar to 2004 figures from the UK of 30% of rented dwellings. According to figures from the Irish 2006 census – for towns with populations over

Marriage versus Co-habiting

Married couples outnumber unmarried cohabiting couples in every Irish town – but there are large differences between the towns. For example – Rathcormac in Cork has just 50% more married couples than co-habiting couples. This is the smallest difference in the country. At the other end of the scale is Bunbeg in Donegal  (An Bun

Stamullen – lowest percentage of rental property

Stamullen only has 6.3% of it’s housing occupied as rented accommodation – the rest is owner occupied. The 2006 census figures showed there were 873 housing units in Stamullen and only 55 of those were rented. Eight of those were rented from the Local Authority. This is the second lowest percentage of Council rented housing

Biggest Broadband Uptake in Ireland

Malahide has the highest broadband uptake rate in Ireland. The percentage of households in Malahide with broadband internet access is the highest of all large towns in Ireland – at 46.34%. Malahide also has the second highest rate of PC ownership – at 78.05% of households owning at least one personal computer. (Portmarnock is top

Central Heating Figures

Some of the housing in Irish towns is fairly old and basic. The census in 2006 asked people to indicate if their home had central heating – the results show that the town with the largest percentage of houses without central heating is Bantry in County Cork . In Bantry 27.7% of homes do not