There are many health benefits that come with taking whey protein including increasing size and strength, helping your muscles recover, reduce fat and preserve muscle.

Many high street and online shops in Ireland now sell different types of  whey protein, but the cheapest place in Ireland to buy whey protein is at  –  Fitness Ireland

A comparison was done to find the cheapest place in Ireland to buy whey protein. The comparison included all the big shops in Ireland and was based on buying the popular Optimum Nutrition 2.27kg Tub. Here were the results –

Optimum Nutrition – €85

Discount Supplements – €65

Hp Nutrition – €79

Fitness Ireland – €59 – Buy HERE

Fitness Ireland are the cheapest shop in Ireland to buy Whey protein. The stock many different brands and also stock a full range of different supplements. They also offer free delivery to anywhere in Ireland.

Take a look at the cheapest whey protein at Fitness Ireland HERE.