9.3% of the population of Ireland stated that they had some type of disability in the 2006 Census.
The town with the highest percentage of people with a disability is Portrane – with 27.4% of the population. The presence of a fairly large hospitalĀ in a small town would easily raise the percentages. Portrane has a poulation of 1532 and 420 of those reported some level of disability.
Top ten towns in Ireland for high proportions of disability – (physical or mental):
Portrane 27.4%
Swinford 21.7%
Kilrush 17.8%
Castlerea 17.5%
Callan 15.3%
Tipperary 14.9%
Clones 14.8 %
Boyle 14.8 %
Ballinasloe 14.6%
Thomastown 14%The figures are from the 2006 census and are from all towns with population over 1500.

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