The 2006 census figures show that  Muslims in Ireland make up  0.767% of the population. (32539 out of a total population of 4239848)
A breakdown of religions was carried out on the Irish towns with more than 5000 people.
Of all these towns – Cavan Town  has the highest percentage of Muslims in Ireland – 3.2% of the population of Cavan Town stated they were Muslims.

Top 10  Irish towns for Muslims (over 5000 population)

Cavan  3.2%
Killarney  2.95%
Ballinasloe  2.32%
Tralee  2.3%
Ennis  2.03%
Roscommon  1.87%
Balbriggan  1.75%
Portlaoise  1.67%
Castlebar 1.62%
Tullamore  1.6%

The towns with the least Muslims in Ireland are:

Dunboyne  0.035% (just 2 out of  5713)
Buncrana  .068%
Youghal  0.088%
Birr  0.098%

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One thought on “Muslims in Ireland

  1. I fail to see why such statistics are being posted without context or analysis. Why are Muslims being singled out over other religions for instance? Do these statistics really mean anything? Could you be criticized for scare-mongering? I come from Ballinasloe and can imagine that the high (relatively speaking) percentage of muslims in my town are actually doctors in Portiuncula Hospital – this would not be concluded by most people unfamiliar with the context. If you are going to post such statistics they need to be comprehensive, comparative and conclusive within full context otherwise they are pointless and meaningless.

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