New Ross came fifth in our top 20 Worst towns in Ireland . Our chart was based on census figures from 2006 and used statistics on Education, Housing, Lone Parents, IT, Unemployment to analyse all the towns with populations over 1500.At the 2006 census – the population of New Ross was 7709 .The  unemployment rate in New Ross was 9.86% and was the 5th highest rate of unemployment in Ireland
In New Ross – 4.9% of the workforce are unable to work because of disability or ill health – which is slightly above over the national average of 4.71% .

Most workers in New Ross are are employed in manufacturing (15.86% of the workforce)

Lone parents- make up 24.4% of all households in New Ross well above the National average of 19.29%

Housing: Local Authority rented homes make up 16.56% of the dwelling units in New Ross – the fourh highest  percentage in the country behind Rathangan, Lonford and Rathnew.
Rented homes in New Ross make up 40.37% of all homes in the town – 50% above the average for Ireland of 28.1%.
26.27% of houses in New Ross are owned outright – with no mortgage outstanding – just below the average for Ireland as a whole.

Central Heating is not installed in 16.56% of all dwellings in New Ross – which is 50% worse than the national averageof 10.22%.
Information Technology. : 46.48% of households own personal computers in New Ross – compared to 53.3% nationally. But 18.5% had broadband at the last census – not much lower than the Irish average at the time of 20.18% .
Also – 56.75% of homes had no internet access at all in New Ross – compared to the average of 51%

Education : 18.8% of the people living in New Ross – were only educated to primary school level or had no  formal education at all. This is very close to the national average of 16.72%.
People with a third level degree or a higher qualification – make up just 11.43% of the New Ross  workforce – which is about two thirds of the national average of 16.57%.
Community involvement in New Ross is just below the average for the country. In New Ross 14.2%  of the over 15s said they carry out some sort of voluntary work compared to the national average of 15.42%

The percentage of people with a disability in New Ross is below the national average of 9.8% at 9.3%.

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6 thoughts on “New Ross 5th Worst Town

  1. I think this survey is utterly appauling and very offences. The educational system in New Ross is at a very high standerds I would now as a clean St. Mary’s secondary every evening. People having no computers or internet has nothing to do with this survey, neither does having no centeral heating they propaly have a back boiler so they dont need centeral heating.

  2. Caroline – your spelling doesn’t say much for the education standards in New Ross !

  3. I actually went to school in New Ross in GCC and the school was excellent. However a lot of people from outside the town go to these schools and would not have been included in this survey so it is perhaps not the most accurate survey.

    Also, with Waterford becoming more important as a business hub in Ireland I am sure Ross will begin to benefit. By the way I am not from Ross but still find these type of reports offensive especially with some of the criteria it is based on.

  4. As someone who has left New Ross, only to return over a decade later; I found it quite disappointing to find that New Ross was still based in the 70’s. The lack of care and attention given to our historic monuments is appaling. Ireland depends so much on our tourist industry – I am very surprised that the existing council have not got off their growing behinds and sort this matter. Why, in my own birth town am I being told that I am the wrong nationality to be employed; as the company would not recieve subsidies for hiring me ! there are some wonderful voluntary bodies in New Ross – who are under great strain at the moment – They are, in some instances taking the place of the social welfare system, again down to our government in Dublin. New Ross,does have potential – we just need the ‘right’ people to open their eyes and see it. The council needs to actually listen to the people of New Ross.

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