Stamullen – lowest percentage of rental property

Stamullen only has 6.3% of it’s housing occupied as rented accommodation – the rest is owner occupied. The 2006 census figures showed there were 873 housing units in Stamullen and only 55 of those were rented. Eight of those were rented from the Local Authority. This is the second lowest percentage of Council rented housing

Gort has 40% born outside Ireland

Gort in Co Galway has 40.74% of it’s population that were born outside Ireland. Those born in the American continent  make up just over 34% of the total population. Many of these people came from Brazil in the last decade.  

Balbriggan has highest percentage of Africans

Africans in Ireland Of all the towns with a population over 5000 – Balbriggan Co Dublin has the highest concentration of residents of African Ethnic origin. In Balbriggan 5.85% of the population recorded their ethnic origin as African in the 2006 census (890 people). In all of Ireland there were 39734 people of African origin

Chinese prefer Bray

There were 16250 people of Chinese ethnic origin living in Ireland at the 2006 census. This is 0.4% of the population. Bray has the highest proportion of Chinese  with 1.42% . Athlone is the next highest with 0.99% and the Greater Dublin area has 0.98% of residents with Chinese ethnic origin. Kells (Ceannanus Mor) is

Most retired in Westport – Mayo

Westport in Mayo is the  favourite location in Ireland  for Retirement. Westport in County Mayo has the highest percentage of retired residents according to census figures from last year. 19.63% of Westport people are retired. Ireland as a whole has 11.2% of the population classed as retired. The other towns in Ireland in the top

Rathcoole short of children?

Rathcoole has the least children in Ireland With just 13.66 percent of the population of Rathcoole aged 14 or less – the townt has the lowest percentage of under 15s out of all the large towns in Ireland (towns over 1500 population). The ten towns with the lowest percentage of children under 15 are: Rathcoole