This is the link to the new Revenue online valuation guidance map which is supposed to help you value your house for the Property Tax

The valuations given by Revenue are based on average values in electoral areas. Revenue estimate that based on training data – as little as 47% of properties will be be given the correct valuation band band using this tool – with about 20% being put 1 band lower band and about 20% given 1 band higher.

The valuations shown on the Revenue website are just estimates based mainly on sale prices since 2010. They are only to be used as a guide – and are not meant to be a definitive valuation for property tax.

The valuation band shown on the map may not match the estimate of property tax that will be shown on the property tax forms due out in March. The online valuation map shows average values for various property types – such as detached or semi detached etc – but Revenue won’t know the exact property type of each address they are writing to – so the estimates are going to be way out in some cases. They will probably use the overall average for all properties in each electoral area. If areas where there are mixed property types – apartments , detached etc – then the LPT estimates could be way out.

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