Speed Cameras in UK to Be Reactivated

Moves to return speed cameras to the roads in Oxfordshire in England –  are under way just months after they were switched off because of  cash shortages.

The cameras were turned off on 1 August after £600,000 was withdrawn due to budget cuts.The county council said  recently that it had been in talks with police and was “close to an agreement” to have them reactivated.

A safety group has said the number of drivers speeding past the cameras had risen by up to 88%.

The Thames Valley’s Safer Road Partnership carried out tests on two roads for five days and 62 people were caught flouting the law, it said.

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman said: “We’ve been in discussion with our partners at Thames Valley Police and we’re close to an agreement to have the cameras switched back on in the future.

“Speed continues to be one of the main risk factors on the roads, and the safety cameras form an important of tackling driver behaviour.

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