Whether you’re new to Galway or currently living in the city looking to change broadband provider,  the amount of options can certainly be overwhelming. The main companies who are providing fixed line or cable broadband are Vodafone, Eir, Virgin Media , Pure Telecom and Magnet. Each offers you something different but which is the best bradband in Galway ? The cheapest ,fastest and most reliable?

We have listed the main broadband options in order of price – cheapest first.


Magnet currently offer 2 broadband packages to Galway residents. The  24Mb  speed “Fatpipe” has no download limits and is priced at just €30 per month with the first 3 months for only €20.  You can add on in free calls to landlines all day for an extra €9.99 a month. (€39.99)

Magnet’s 100Mb speed offering is also with unlimited data and is priced at €49.99  a month with the first 3 months for €40 a month. An extra €9.99 per month gets you free anytime calls to landlines.
Check  Current Prices on Switcher.ie

Pure Telecom are doing 100Mb unlimited Broadband only for €44 a month. But you may as well go for their €45 option which includes free calls to landlines too.  More Here

Vodafone offer up to 100Mb speeds with unlimited data  for €45 Euro a month. For €50 a month you can get free anytime calls to landlines added on to the broadband.  More details Here on the Switcher.ie website.

Eir is offering broadband-only with  up to 100Mb download speeds and unlimited data for €50 a month.  For €62 you can add free off peak calls  to landlines. See all Eir options on Switcher.ie

Virgin Media

Virgin have the fastest broadband – they use their own cable network. The most flexible Virgin broadband-only option  broadband is €55 a month for 2400Mb speeds and unlimited data – with a short 30 day contract. (Ideal for students) .
Virgin also offer  a 360Mb speed package in Galway  with  no download limit and free anytime calls priced at €60 per month with a reduction to €40 for the first 4 months . (12 month contract)
You can compare all the Broadband options and prices in Galway or other cities in Ireland at the very handy Switcher.ie website.

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