Cheapest Place To Buy The PS4 Ireland

The PlayStation 4 redefines rich and immerse gameplay with powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalisation, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features.PlayStation 4 lets you instantly share images and videos of your favorite gameplay moments on Facebook with a single press of the “share” button on the Dualshock 4 controller.

A comparison was done in 2016 (September)  to find the cheapest shop in Ireland to buy a Play Station 4.The comparison included many of the high street shops included Smyths Toy Stores, Game Stop, Argos, and Amazon Ireland.

Here were the results –

Game Stop – €299 – € 299

Argos – € 299

Amazon – €258 – Including 2 Free games. Buy HERE

The cheapest place to buy a PS4 in Ireland in 2016 turned out to be At Amazon Ireland you can buy the PS4 console and also receive free delivery to anywhere in Ireland. Amazon Ireland also have a number of PS4 bundle offers.

Smyths – have some good offers on now and then – and their prices are getting close to Amazon. When the euro is strong you might do better buying from UK sites in Sterling such as Amazon – but when the Pound is stronger , better prices can sometimes be found at Smyths.


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