On the Speedtest.net website – they run thousands of speed tests for internet users all over the world. They store and analyze the data – so they can compare the results from different internet providers.

For Ireland – they  worked out the top 5 Internet Service providers based on Best Broadband Speeds in 2016.

The Broadband Speed tests were aggregated by averaging each user’s and devices’ tests in a given location, each day. This improves accuracy of the data and reduces bias from things like repeated testing or those attempting to skew the results

2016  – Fastest Broadband Speeds in Ireland Rankings

1.  Virgin Media came out as the fastest broadband in Ireland for 2016 with an average downlaod speed of 228 Mbps. See if Virgin broadband is available in your area HERE

2. Imagine came second with average download speeds of  77Mbps

3. In third place was Eir at 70 Mbps

4 Fourth  – but not far behind was Vodafone with  66 Mbps

5. Sky was in fifth place with average download speeds of 60 Mbps – which is not exactly slow for fifth place.

 Virgin Media broadband is supplied by cable – and is only available in the larger cities and towns.  If you have access to Virgin broadband – it will be the fastest.

If you can’t get Virgin – then the broadband speeds of  Eir, Vodafone and Sky are all very similar because thay all use basically the same telephone network. So – your choice of provider will probably come down to price.
You can compare broadband prices in your town over at the excellent Switcher.ie site

Imagine have limited coverage and is available only in selected locations in Kildare, Kerry, Limerick, Galway, Wexford and Cork, Donegal, Louth, Cavan, Meath and Monaghan. Their broadband usually comes with data download limits.


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