Using detailed analysis of the 2006 Census figures for Ireland we  uncovered some interesting and strange facts and figures about the towns in Ireland.
If you are thinking of moving to a new town or city – find out all about it here first. Employment , Unemployment, Housing, Age profiles, Ethnic Origins, Singles, Couples, Students, Travellers, Broadband Take up.

If you want to avoid something or you are looking for a town that will suit you – the Ireland-Town-Guide will help you.

Not a  tourist guide Рno waffle or publicity or promotion Рjust the bare facts and figures that speak for themselves.
We are not connected in any way with the CSO – but we have used publicly available statistics from the CSO to compile the information.

Speed Camera Information was added in November 2010

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  1. Your website has been used as a reference in a number of articles in Wikipedia. Doubt has been cast by some of our editors on the verifiabilty of your data. Can you please comment?

  2. Hi i do’nt wish to post a comment, but i am hoping you can help me with a problem im having.. Im looking for the top 3-5 highest towns in Ireland as i can only get the highest which is Roundwood (in Laragh or Laois i dont know). I would really appreciate your help and be eternally in your debt.. Looking forward to your help. Denis Fox.

  3. Hi, I have been looking through your website and I feel that I need to leave a comment. How can having lone parents in a town or village lower the standard of the area? Also if people are unemployed due to ill health how does that affect a community? I think that the way that you have compiled your results is very wrong and prejudice towards a single parent family or someone that is ill. Also if you have central heating in your house or not?? Come on now how the hell would that give you an idea of what the area is like to live in??

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