Africans in Ireland
Of all the towns with a population over 5000 – Balbriggan Co Dublin has the highest concentration of residents of African Ethnic origin. In Balbriggan 5.85% of the population recorded their ethnic origin as African in the 2006 census (890 people).
In all of Ireland there were 39734 people of African origin – that is 0.98% of the total population.
Other towns in Ireland (5000 plus population) where the percentage of Africans is over 3% :Longford 4.1%
Athy 4.02%
Lusk 3.64%
Ennis 3.61%
Dundalk 3.53%
Drogheda 3.25%
Navan 3.18%
Kilkenny 3.05%

According to the census returns there are only 3 Africans in the town of Dungarvan. (It is possible that people did not answer the question) – so this town has the lowest percentage of Africans in Ireland at 0.037.
The percentage of African residents is also low in Roscommon Town (2) , Newcastle West (4) and Tipperary Town (5)

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