In Ireland you can save lots of money when buying a PS4 console by buying it as a bundle with games included in the price. Buying a PS4 console as a bundle means you get the console and selected games at a much reduced price than buying the games on their own.

In Ireland many of the high street and online shops offer Playstation 4 Bundle deals, but it some can be much more expensive than others and so it can be hard to find the cheapest bundle that works for you.

A comparison was done to find the best and cheapest PS4 bundle deal in Ireland. Here were the results –

HMV – Unavailable

Smyths – € 499

Argos – €430

Amazon – € 415  –  Buy Here

The cheapest place to buy a PS4 bundle in Ireland is at Amazon. Amazon have five different bundle deals offering different games for each, which can be seen HERE. Amzon also offer free delivery to anywhere in Ireland and free gift wrap.

Find the best PS4 Bundle Deal for you here at – Amazon

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