Drogheda – some census facts and figures

Some possibly interesting facts and figures about Drogheda from analysis of the IrelandCensus of 2006:

Population of Drogheda is 35090 which is  0.828% of the country.
Percentage in Work: 58.15
Unemployed %: 7.67
8.1% of the population are students and 5.01% are Unable to Work because of health 
10.11% of people in Drogheda are retired.
Local Authority rented properties make up  8.53 % of dwellings in Drogheda
Rented Homes are  25.28% of all homes .
Homes in Owner Occuation 71.50%
% Owned outright 23.49 
% Homes without  Central Heating 6.01

Broadband uptake is above average with 22.55% of households having broadband installed in Drogheda.

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