Which are the best Hospitals in Ireland for getting seen quicker when youarrive at A&E ?

Well – if we look at those  hospitals that reached a performance level of 80 per cent or above for all attendees being seen within six hours, and 90 per cent or above in relation to those who were admitted within nine hours – these are the best hospitals in those categories.

St Luke’s, Kilkenny;
Kerry General;
Portiuncula Ballinasloe
St John’s in Limerick.

According to the latest HSE Performance Report, the hospitals that performed worst  in reaching the six-hour target for all attendees,  were Tallaght (39.6 per cent) and the Mater (47.2 per cent),

The hospitals that did the worst in reaching the nine-hour target for people admitted,  were the Mater (13.6 per cent), Beaumont (17.7 per cent) and Tallaght hospitals (29.9 per cent).
All these are Dublin Hospitals.

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