The best and easiest way to send money abroad for free from Ireland is by using the Ireland/UK based currency exchange company – CurrencyFair

In Ireland you will find the best exchange rates from a currency exchange broker and not a bank. There are many banks and companies like An Post who claim to offer commission free currency exchange but in reality they don’t. Instead they mark up their price by say €8 and then claim to be commission free. Most of the currency exchange companies or banks actually do charge commission as well, meaning that they give you a rate including their mark up price and then charge you a percentage fee on top.

They only Currency exchange company in Ireland that actually allow you to send money abroad for free is  – CurrencyFair.

CurrencyFair offer the best currency exchange rates in Ireland and below is a comparison of the best rates of other currency exchange companies in Ireland compared to CurrencyFair .

The comparison is based on transferring €10,000 to GBP. The results show what you will receive in GBP –

Currency Fair – £7,828 – Try HERE

Bank Of Ireland – £7,722

AIB Bank – £7,715

Ulster Bank – £7,634

Permnament TSB – £7,623

send moeny abroad for free with Currency Fair HERE.

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