The need to send money from Ireland to the UK is growing as more people move to the UK and students study in the UK. This service is provided by many banks and currency exchange companies in Ireland.Many of these banks and companies have long confusing procedures and always have a large commission charge on their service.

The best and easiest way to send money to the UK from Ireland is by using the Ireland/UK based currency exchange company – CurrencyFair

A comparison was done in Ireland to find the the best exchange rate when sending €10,000 to the UK from Ireland.Below is the list of companies in Ireland and how much you would lose if you chose them over CurrencyFair.

AIB Bank – €146 worse off than if you used CurrencyFair 

Bank Of Ireland – €142 worse off than if you used CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair provide the best exchange rates in Ireland when sending money to the UK , and only charge a fixed sum of €3 for each transaction and are completely commission free, unlike any other currency exchange company in Ireland.Keep your money in your pocket instead of giving it to the banks by using CurrencyFair HERE. 

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