A Litter League of all towns with more than 6000 population in Ireland had the 1st round of results published today.

The top 10 towns were

1 Ennis
2 Greystones
3 Fermoy
4 Portlaoise
5 Howth
6 Dungarvan
7 Dundalk
8 Letterkenny
9 Thurles
10 Clonmel

The litter figures are produced by ” Irish Business Against Litter ” – an alliance of companies sharing a belief that continued economic prosperity – notably in the areas of tourism, food and direct foreign investment – is contingent on a clean, litter-free environment.
As part of the IBAL Anti-Litter League, An Taisce monitors all towns of population 6,000 and over, independently in accordance with international grading standards.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Cleanest Places in Ireland June 2008

  1. Little graffiti artists who dont give a bleepin hell about our lovely town.Little pups and thats all they are.I am ashamed to walk by yet another”work f art”what do they consider Leanardo de Vinci de master mind we know him for.It is a discrace to not only Greystones but the nation!………..good bye

  2. how’s Dungarvan 6th, I lived there for 6 months, never seen as much dog sh*te in all my life, would have to side step at least a dozen on the ten min walk to work, often there would be a couple in our drive, and we didn’t have a dog.

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