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Litter problems in some Irish Towns

The IBAL 2009 results were published this week – IBAL is the Irish Business Against Litter. Certain towns are checked for litter during the year by An Taisce on behalf of IBAL . All towns in Ireland of over 6,000 inhabitants are now covered by the Anti Litter League . Sixty towns in all were

Litter League – the worst Towns in Ireland

Tallaght is the dirtiest town in Ireland – that’s according to “Irish Business Against Litter ”  They are an alliance of companies who say they share a sharing a belief that continued economic prosperity  is contingent on a clean, litter-free environment. As part of the IBAL Anti-Litter League, An Taisce monitors all towns of population

Best Secondary Schools in Ireland.

Each year the Irish Times puts together some figures of each secondary school’s Leaving Cert students and combines them with figures from Third Level institutions in Ireland . . The Universities and Colleges record which school the first year students were enrolled at in the previous year. The two sets of figures combined give us

Cork City – Census 2006 Figures

Cork City- 2006 Census statistics Population 190384  (4.49 % Of National Population) Number of Single people : 124699 % in Work: 53.51 Number Married: 65685 Unemployed %: 5.39 % Married: 34.50 % Single : 65.50 Aged under 15 18.04 % % aged 15 to 24 17.82 % Aged 24 to 44 31.74 % Aged Over 65: 11.20

Quiet Mornings in Letterkenny

The streets of Letterkenny must be quiet in the mornings. Letterkenny has the lowest percentage of workers who leave home before 6.30am to go to work. Just 2.24% of working people in Letterkenny said that they leave the house that early . Census 2006  figures  from towns with more than 5000 people – show that  154 people

Population Figures Ireland Census 2006

The total population of Ireland at the 2006 census was 4,239,848 Sixty one percent live in towns or cities (2,574,313) and thirty nine percent live in rural Ireland. (1,665,535) 1,045,769 people live in Greater Dublin – 24.7% of the population.These are the towns outside Dublin with population of more than 20,000Cork City 190384 (4.49%) Limerick