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Top 20 Secondary Schools in Ireland

According to the Sunday Times – these are the top 20 secondary schools in Ireland. They base their results on the numbers of students gaining places in autumn 2008 and 2009 at one of the nine universities on the island of Ireland, main teacher training colleges, Royal College of Surgeons, National College of Art and

Cleanest and Dirtiest Towns Ireland

Yet another litter survey by  IBAL  . The 2009 results were released today (Jan 4th 2010)  The  litter survey covers 60 towns with  over 6,000 population . Sites are graded by An Taisce according to international standards. The cleanest town was Bray – whilst the two dirtiest were Limerick and Wicklow. IBAL Anti Litter League

Litter problems in some Irish Towns

The IBAL 2009 results were published this week – IBAL is the Irish Business Against Litter. Certain towns are checked for litter during the year by An Taisce on behalf of IBAL . All towns in Ireland of over 6,000 inhabitants are now covered by the Anti Litter League . Sixty towns in all were

Top 20 Schools South Dublin 2008

Based on 2008 figures for entry into third level in Ireland – these are the 20 best secondary schools in South Dublin. This League Table was compiled by the Sunday Times newspaper in 2009 and is based on the percentage of Leving Cert students going on to third level in Ireland. It probably isn’t the