There is some interesting data collected at about broadband speeds in Ireland.
In April 2011 the summary of their Upload speed tests for Ireland showed that Magnet Broadband had the fastest upload speeds out of all the public internet providers. The average upload speed for Magnet was 2.92Mbps. Many people in Ireland would be happy with that as a download speed.

Some smaller local wireless broadband providers did well – with upload speeds of around 2Mbps

Of the bigger internet providers – UPC came in behind Magnet with upload speed averages of  1.63Mbps

Meteor – which is only a mobile broadband  provider did really well with average  upload speed of  1.47Mbps.
Imagine and Digiweb had upload speeds in the tests of 1.12Mbps and

All the mobile broadband suppliers did better than Eircom. (0.53Mbps)
Three 0.86Mbps
O2 – upload speeds 0.83Mbps
Vodafone 0.59 Mbps

Clearwire came out with the slowest upload speeds of just 0.1Mbps

(The Education Network HEANET had  the fastest  upload speed – (19 Mbps !!)  but that is only available in Universities and other educational institutions)

Upload speeds are not as important as download speeds when using the internet – but good upload speeds are usually a good indicator of broadband quality.

According to Speedtest – the Town with the fastest upload speeds in Ireland is  Tralee with 3.93 Mbps  – that is probably because of the Institute of Technology in the town which has high speed broadband.
Dundalk, Kildare, Wicklow, Galway, Waterford, Carlow and Lucan were the next 7 in the best upload speed chart.
Tullamore cane out last with 0.54Mbps

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