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PC World/Currys Locations Ireland

PC World Ireland are constantly  growing all the time and opening new stores – But still some counties in Ireland are without a PC World store, but their online shopping coverage is now available anywhere in Ireland. You can also register at one address and have shopping delivered to another addresses – such as a holiday home or a

Unfinished Ghost Estates and the Household Charge

We are still waiting for the list of unfinished estates that will be exempt from the 2012 Household Charge. The total number of estates is expected to be less than 1300. The Irish Independent seems to think it will be less than 300 estates. It is important to note – that even if your house

Where are the Lowest House Prices in Ireland

A recent DAFT report  listed the average asking prices for houses  in the first 3 months of 2011. The figures are given in the table below – for 4 Bedroomed Houses. County Leitrim had the lowest average prices and Co.  Roscommon had the next lowest. The average asking price of a 4 bedroomed house in 

Visit of The Queen to Ireland – Places and Dates for

Queen Elizabeth II of England is making on official visit to Ireland in May 2011. She is arriving on May 17th and will be in Ireland until May 20th. Security is expected to be very high because of protests by Republican groups. Apparently two PSNI water cannons have been borrowed by the Gardaí  who are

Fastest Broadband Upload Speeds

There is some interesting data collected at about broadband speeds in Ireland. In April 2011 the summary of their Upload speed tests for Ireland showed that Magnet Broadband had the fastest upload speeds out of all the public internet providers. The average upload speed for Magnet was 2.92Mbps. Many people in Ireland would be

Speed Cameras – in Kildare

The Gardai have specified the following stretches of road as “Speed Enforcement Zones ” – they will be targeted by the GArdai to try and reduce drivers speeds. County Kildare Possible Mobile Speed Camera Locations Length From To Road/Name 12km Clane Killina Regional R403 8km Quinnsborough Johnstown Primary N7 10km Kildare Monastervin Regional R445 8km