Westport Tesco Online Shopping

There is a Tesco in Westport located in the Westpoint Shopping Centre.
You can order your shopping online and get it delivered to your home in the Westport area. This is great news for Irish holidaymakers staying in the Westport area as well as Westport residents.
Even if you live in Dublin you can set up a delivery for an address in Westport and have your shopping delivered to your holiday home just after you arrive. No more last minute rushing around . Tesco deliver from 10am to 9pm .
Shop Online at Tesco Here

The deliveries actually come from the Castlebar Tesco – who deliver to about a  20 mile radius of Castlebar.
If you live elsewhere in Ireland – you can check if your holiday home is covered by Tesco online delivery – by temporarily changing your main address to the holiday home address – then attempt to shop for groceries. If you get an arror message – then Tesco won’t deliver to your address. If you get through to the online shopping pages – your new address is covered by Tesco home delivery.
(Change your main address back)
You can add your holiday home to your Tesco address book and select this as the delivery address when you are on holiday).

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