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Rural Ireland has Least Mortgages

House Owners with No Mortgage. People living in Rural areas of Ireland are more likely to have no mortgage outstanding on their home. In the 2006 census 46.48% of rural dwellers owned their home and had no mortgage outstanding on it. Of the towns with a population over 1500 – it was Kilrush in County

Most retired in Westport – Mayo

Westport in Mayo is the  favourite location in Ireland  for Retirement. Westport in County Mayo has the highest percentage of retired residents according to census figures from last year. 19.63% of Westport people are retired. Ireland as a whole has 11.2% of the population classed as retired. The other towns in Ireland in the top

Most Singles in Galway

Singles in Galway Of all the towns in Ireland with a population over 1500 – Galway has the highest proportion of single people.  In Galway City  72% of the people over 15 are single (includes separated and widowed).  Kinsealy – Drinan is not far behind at 71.6%  and Swinford in County Mayo is third in