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Septic Tank Registration and Inspections

All owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems in Ireland (including septic tanks) will be required to register their systems with their water services authority.  There will be a  registration fee, which will be set at €5 for the first three months of the registration period and €50 thereafter, It is not yet possible to register. 

Unfinished Estates County Roscommon

List of unfinished housing estates in Roscommon People living in  some unfinished housing estates will be given a waiver  from the Household Charge which came into effect on Jan 1st 2012. This is the full  list of unfinished housing estates In County Roscommon Carlow that are given a waiver from the Household Charge. NB-  Owners

Disability Figures

9.3% of the population of Ireland stated that they had some type of disability in the 2006 Census. The town with the highest percentage of people with a disability is Portrane – with 27.4% of the population. The presence of a fairly large hospital in a small town would easily raise the percentages. Portrane has a

Tipperary lags behind in Information Technology

The town of Tipperary is behind the rest of Ireland when it comes to Information Technolgy. Census 2006 figures showed that  just 11.4% of Tipperary households had broadband and 71.84% of households had no internet access at all. This is the highest percentage of any town in Ireland  (National average 51.7%) Also – just 36.35% of

Lonley and Alone in Dungloe ?

Dungloe  (An Clochán Liath) in Donegal is the town in Ireland with the highest percentage of single person households. Census figures show that 40.37% of households in Dungloe are occupied by just one person. (174 out of 431) Other towns with high percentages of people living alone: Swinford, Mayo 40.14 Manorhamilton, Leitrim 35.34 Foxford, Mayo 33.64

Rural Ireland has Least Mortgages

House Owners with No Mortgage. People living in Rural areas of Ireland are more likely to have no mortgage outstanding on their home. In the 2006 census 46.48% of rural dwellers owned their home and had no mortgage outstanding on it. Of the towns with a population over 1500 – it was Kilrush in County