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Septic Tank Registration and Inspections

All owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems in Ireland (including septic tanks) will be required to register their systems with their water services authority.  There will be a  registration fee, which will be set at €5 for the first three months of the registration period and €50 thereafter, It is not yet possible to register. 

Paying Household Charge at Council Offices

According to the Household Charge website – people who don’t want to register or pay online should be able to get registration forms and make payments at their local County Council or City Council offices. See more here about the new Household Charge which is payable by all home owners from Jan 2012. We did

Disability Figures

9.3% of the population of Ireland stated that they had some type of disability in the 2006 Census. The town with the highest percentage of people with a disability is Portrane – with 27.4% of the population. The presence of a fairly large hospital in a small town would easily raise the percentages. Portrane has a

Clara has lowest percentage of Graduates

The town of Clara – according to analysis of Census 2006 figures – has just 6.54% of it’s residents with a third level degree or higher. (Those that have completed education) This compares to Oranmore at the other end of the scale where 38% of the people are graduates . The following Irish towns are

Lithuanians Like Oldcastle Co Meath

Oldcastle in County Meath  has 17.78% of its population born in Lithuania – that is the highest percentage in Ireland. The next nearest town that is popular with Lithuanians is  Ballybay in Monaghan – which has 9.92% of residents born in Lithuania. County Monaghan towns are very  popular with Lithuanians –  Carrickmacross , Monaghan and

Clones has Least Educated Population

Latest census figures on education show that the town of Clones in County Monaghan has the largest percentage of people who ended formal educaton at Primary level – or had no formal education at all. 33.6% of Clones residents over 15 fall into this category. The average percentage of people who did not undergo secondary