Annacotty has Lowest Unemployment Rate in Ireland:

The town of Annacotty had just 2% of the workforce classified as unemployed in the 2006 census. But only 67% of the total workforce are in work – which is not the highest in the country. Kinsealy – Drinan holds that position – with 78.82% of it’s possible workforce in employment.
Annacotty is in 17th place in the table of percentage in work. This discrepancy can be partly accounted for by the numbers of people in Annacotty who declared that they were unable to work because of ill health – 8.53% of the workforce. This compares to Kinsealy – Drinan’s 1.44 %. Of those in the workforce 33.14% are employed in Professional or Technical Jobs. This also means Annacotty has the highest percentage in Ireland of workers classified as Professional or Technical. The next town in the league of Profesional/Technical jobs is Maynooth – with 26.62% .
Other employment figures for Annacotty :
Employed in Farming 0.48%
Employed in Management 7.09%
Employed in Building 3.16%
Sales Jobs 13.7%
Clerical Jobs 19.63%
Annacotty also has the 3rd lowest percentage of lone parents in the country – 8.27%. (Stamullen and Newcastle have the lowest and second lowest respectively.)
Annacotty has the lowest percentage of lone fathers – at just 0.47% – compared to 5.1% for Portrane (the highest)

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