Speeding Penalty Points and Fines in Ireland

In Ireland the penalty for speeding offences is an on-the-spot fine of 80 euro, together with 2 penalty points on your driving licence.
If you have been caught speeding on a camera, you will receive notice of your fine and penalty points of the offence by post. You have 28 days in which to pay your fine from the date the notice issues to you to pay your fine.

If you fail to pay your fine within 28 days , the fine then increases to 120 euro, which you must pay within 28 days.

If after this time, you still have not paid your fine, you will have to go to a District Court. If you are convicted in court of speeding offences and non-payment of fines, you will automatically receive 4 penalty points and a fine to a maximum of 800 euro.

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