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Speed Camera Van Locations In Galway City

Locations of speed camera vans in Galway are in place where roads are deemed accident prone. In Galway City these locations are – A stretch of the Dublin Road (R338) covering from Doughiska to the Bodkin roundabout at Terryland via Renmore and Sean Mulvoy Road. Another stretche of road is from the top of Threadneedle

Warning Signs for Speed Cameras

Local councils in Ireland will have to put up hundreds of signs across the country to alert drivers where the new  mobile speed cameras could be operating . Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey said in October 2010 that up to 1,500 roads across the country were being designated as speed enforcement zones as part of

County Meath Speed Cameras

Mobile Speed Camera Locations in County Meath These are the likely roads where the new mobile cameras will operate from November  16th 2010. There will be a total of 45 mobile cameras in vans – covering about 600 locations all over  Ireland. So – the chances of a camera being at a specific location is

County Waterford Speed Camera Locations

These are the stretches of road in Waterford that could be subject to speed monitoring by mobile cameras in vans . These stretches of road in Waterford are listed on the   website as Speed Enforcement Zones. These roads have been identified as problem areas for accidents caused by speeding.  The Gardai will be monitoring

Limerick Speed Camera Zones

Speed Detection Cameras in County Limerick An Garda Síochána, in conjunction with the National Roads Authority, have completed an extensive analysis of the collision history on the road network where speed was a contributory factor. Sections of road have been identified where a significant proportion of accidents occurred whereby, in the opinion of the investigating

Speeding Penalty Points and Fines in Ireland

In Ireland the penalty for speeding offences is an on-the-spot fine of 80 euro, together with 2 penalty points on your driving licence. If you have been caught speeding on a camera, you will receive notice of your fine and penalty points of the offence by post. You have 28 days in which to pay