Local councils in Ireland will have to put up hundreds of signs across the country to alert drivers where the new  mobile speed cameras could be operating .

Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey said in October 2010 that up to 1,500 roads across the country were being designated as speed enforcement zones as part of the roll-out of the mobile speed camera network. Each zone will have a sign erected to warn motorists they face the prospect of being caught.

He said – “Road signs will be erected at roadsides to inform drivers they are entering a speed enforcement zone.”

Has anyone seen these signs yet?

GoSafe will be given a list every month of the locations where gardai want the 45 vans  deployed. They will also be obliged to carry out surveys to find stretches of road where 85pc of vehicles drive above the speed limit. These areas will be added to the list of speed enforcement zones.

The new cameras will be augmented by more than 100 garda vehicles which are already in place and the new traffic corps vehicles which were put into operation last year.

See  Picture of GoSafe speed camera  van here
See the GoSafe coverage map here

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5 thoughts on “Warning Signs for Speed Cameras

  1. No. This is not about safety. This is about making money. Lack of warning notices prove this fact. Why am I so surprised??

  2. Warning Signs. What warning signs. That’s a joke. There isnt even warning signs on the vans. If they put up warning signs people would slow down when they see them thus avoiding accidents at black spots. Just another money spinner for the government.

  3. i spotted a speed van today, again, there was no sign prewarning motorists, lets hope the van didnt spot me,
    any1 know the legal side of it? if they are ment to put up signs and dont surly they cant charge us??

  4. I was caught by a speed van this month that was not “highly visible”, in a town.It looked like a cash in trasit van.I was 9km over the limit.I drive a 2.5auto jeep and have to accelerate to go up the hill where I was caught or I would have caused an accident.Funny though so was my elderly neighbour ,in a similar jeep, on the same day, at the same speed ,coming down the same hill.HIGHLY VISIBLE is a joke,I only saw the van on my way back down the road.It is a total disgrace and false advertising by the garda web site and very very dangerous.

  5. the police state in action .gatso van hiding before gallow cross on way to nobber from navan 100km limit where you would push a wheelbarrow faster.they will cause accidents hiding in the dark without any lights on country roads.

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